BSG Countdown- 2 down, 8 to go

I know, I know, I took my time posting on this week’s episode.  Sorry.

On the whole, this episode was not nearly as dramatic or intense as last week’s, but it did a LOT of set up.  Roslin off her meds, Roslin and Adama’s relationship, Gaeta going off the chain and starting a mutiny, Zarek plotting political intrigues and starting a mutiny, questions about what Starbuck is exactly, what is going to happen to the Cylons (both the Five and the rebels), and of course, is humanity going to find a planet to settle on before they run out of food and fuel…all things that need to be addressed.  Oh, and Nicky not being half Cylon after all.  I always wondered why nobody talked about him when it was such a big deal for Athena to have a half Cylon baby (future of both races and all), and now I know.  Which leads me down the rabbit trail to…what is going on with Hera?  Did she just drop out of the picture when Athena killed the Six Hera had been dreaming about?  And what is the deal with the Opera House?  Is Roslin still having dreams about it?

I didn’t feel we got any answers this time around but I definitely see the shape of answers looming up ahead – even if they are fuzzy and out of focus right now.

Can’t wait ’til next week.


One Response to BSG Countdown- 2 down, 8 to go

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