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For those of you who want to know more about me as a person, I have started a new blog called Adventures At Home.  I am using it as more of a journal, discussing things in my daily life, my hobbies, and what I am learning now that I have left the workforce to homeschool my son.  It turns out this housewife and full-time mom gig is pretty challenging – and I think I’m actually busier now than I was when I had a full-time job!


10 Responses to More About Me

  1. Terence Shannon says:

    I would very much like you to review my novel. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INDIANS is a sci-fi thriller that makes an analogy between Europeans coming to the Americas and aliens coming to earth.

    Aliens make themselves known only to the United States government through a small series of hostile acts. They shoot down a couple of fighter jets and kidnap a commercial airliner packed with passengers. The one communication they offer is a request for an earth base in an isolated canyon in New Mexico. Whether the aliens have come in peace or not is up to the president decide. The president’s advisers split. The hawks say not to give up any territory without a fight, what the American Indians should have done with Columbus. The doves say let them land, that it’s insane to start a shooting war with a superior power. The doves hope to deal with them, for the secrets of their technologies.

  2. truscifi says:

    I would be happy to review your novel. You can send me a copy if it is in print, or a link to it if it is posted somewhere. Email me at


  3. Chris Roland says:


    I have set up a blog with an off the wall fantasy/fiction tale on it and would appreciate you having a look sometime.

    Best wishes


  4. truscifi says:

    I will definitely check it out!

  5. Hi there

    Great reading this blog

    Might I ask why you the search function is not available here,

    Do stop by at my Space travel blog

  6. truscifi says:

    I had not thought about adding a search function. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  7. Ariane King says:

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Competition

    At UCLan publishing we are dedicated and passionate about what we do. Small but perfectly formed, the press will go to extreme lengths to publish a title we believe in – last year we travelled to Kenya to write letters with schoolchildren from Maasai tribes. This year we intend to go to the furthest reaches of space.

    We’re holding a competition to publish a truly unique, standalone Science Fiction or Fantasy short story or novella of 2,000 to 10,000 words that’s aimed at adults, with one prize of £150. The winning novella is going to become a highly innovative and interactive eBook so we’re looking for submissions that will lend themselves to this format. Ideally your story will be so leap-off-the-page cutting-edge that readers are going to want to literally be a part of it.

    We’re open to experimentation with the genre. With Science Fiction and Fantasy there are no limitations and we want our eBook to reflect that. Don’t treat us gently: your words should grip us, shake us, move us, shock us, run wildly into the night with us and leave us gasping for more.

    The umbrella term for what we’re looking to publish is Speculative Fiction. It’s not a clear cut or strictly-defined genre which means its boundaries can be stretched. It also means it can continue to surprise and delight readers, which is what we aim to do with this eBook.

    So – are you a Science Fiction writer at heart? We’ll accept hard or soft science fiction, time travel, space western, cyberpunk, alternative future/history/reality, dystopia, utopia, humorous, military, pulp, superhero, or, dare we say it, space opera.

    Maybe you’re more of a Fantasy buff. Try us with high or low fantasy, traditional fantasy, contemporary, dark fantasy, fairytale, romantic, sword and sorcery, mythic, heroic, alternative world/history, steampunk, comic or urban fantasy.

    And we don’t scare easily, Horror writers, so you’re going to have to push us to our limits. Gothic, supernatural, body horror – bring it on.

    If none of that fits your style, why not surprise us? Cross a few genres, mix it up a bit. The Phantom of the Starship Opera: a gothic space opera, if you will (there’s a reason why we’re not the writers).

    It was a dark and stormy night…

    As you’d expect from a dedicated publisher, we want to avoid cliché like the plague (ha ha). So if you are going to submit a time travel story, crosscheck it against H.G. Wells first. Here are a few pitfalls we’d like you to steer clear of:

    Star Wars-lite science fiction
    ‘The butterfly effect’ – we don’t want to know how the untimely death of a butterfly affected a family tree
    The ‘Doc’/mad scientist character
    The Luke Skywalker – the plot-mechanism protagonist who has zero charisma
    Little green men – enough said
    Clones – ditto
    Tolkien-lite fantasy
    The Harry Potter – the unlikely youngster who discovers he’s really the Chosen One
    Prophecy – another word for convenience
    Good vs evil – we like shades of grey
    ‘The Hero’/‘The Villain’ – must it be so obvious?
    Magic caused it/solved it – no ‘one size fits all’ answers, please
    Kick ass heroines and moody males – urban fantasy, we’re looking at you
    Soul mates – Twilight has this covered
    Anthropomorphism – no talking animals (or dragons)
    Magical objects – sentient or otherwise
    ‘Quest’ fantasy – avoid long walks for little reward
    Random Capitalisation – if it’s important, the prose should speak for itself
    Basically, avoid this:

    One final piece of advice: if you can’t avoid cliché – then at least obliterate the mould.

    To enter into the competition you will need to submit a complete story of 2,000 – 10,000 words in length and a short, snappy biography of yourself the end of March 2011.

  8. Joe Bailey says:

    Hi there,

    Really enjoyed reading some of your website, your passion for SF comes across in droves. I was wondering if you’d consider review a new “webback” called: “Slabscape: Reset” it is a new SF novel about a man who has himself frozen and made younger in order to travel on a floating city called Slabscape which is journeying through space towards humanity’s point of origin.

    What makes it different is that it is a webback (as opposed to paperback) while it can be read as a paperback it is designed to be read as an epub which has links embedded in it linking it the database Slabscapedia where the reader can find detailed information on characters, back story and technology.

    We feel that the author’s passion for technology, for encouraging fan fiction and direct contact with the reader as well as the chance to completely immerse oneself in the story are what makes this project special and intriguing, especially for SF fans.

    If you would agree to review the book we would be happy to send you a signed copy or grant you access to the epub.

    Thank you very much for your time,

    Joe Bailey.

  9. Frank Luna says:

    I just released my first sci-fi thriller Red Storm. It’s about a crew of eight building a base on Mars when a huge solar ejecta nearly destroys the Earth. Left with no communication they wait for their relief crew on Mars 3 to arrive but when it lands at the base the spacecraft is empty. I’d love to send you a copy for review if you like. You can find out more at

  10. I’d love a review of my book “Machinations”. I’m happy to send you a review copy if you’re interested.

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