NASA plans to blow up the moon!

According to this articleon Slashdot (and there are lots more in various places – I just like Slashdot), NASA plans to set off an explosion on the moon that will create a 6 mile high debris plume so that they can look for water in the debris.

On the serious side, if they find a significant source water it would be another major step toward starting a real lunar colony, because water is one of the most important resources (right up there with air and soil – well, with hydroponics, I guess soil is less important) that are currently absent on the moon.

But, really, it’s very hard to be serious when you’re talking about NASA blowing up the moon.  I mean, have they thought about what could go wrong?  Two moons, anyone?  What would that do to our tides?  Ah, the imagination can run wild.  Thanks, NASA.


28 Responses to NASA plans to blow up the moon!

  1. Dj parr says:

    Pretty ludicrus reason they have, since any water present will dissappear almost instantly in a vacuum… The moon being hollow will also react pretty badly to such an extreme impact.It is my opinion that They are trying to disrupt the return of our ancient civilisers, sort of a pre-2012 chess move, to make it difficult for the returning intelligence. This is a desperate move from an illuminati agency who know of the imminent shift in consciousness and enlightenment at the hands of our creators…

  2. naww man thats nasty says:

    u cant f***ing blow up the moon the tides will b screwed upp

    *edited due to language

  3. Emerald says:

    A) Water will not disappear in a vaccuum. Just like any other matter.
    B) The moon is not hollow.
    C) It’s not going to mess with the tides, because they’re not blowing up the hole moon. A bomb of that size would just be similar to a semi-large meteor hitting the surface, which wouldn’t affect much.
    D) One 6-mile high debris plume is not going to coalesce into a separate moon. That’s not NEARLY enough mass to create it’s own gravitational force. Some of the debris will drift back down onto the moon’s surface, and some of it will just be spread out in space.

  4. Dedee says:

    What the hell is wrong with these stupid m*f*ers? They what to destroy everything. Leave mother earth alone!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is so f***ing stupid. It could ruin the balance of this Earth that we walk on. Who gives S**T about water on the moon. Too much technology gives people reasons to do the most stupidest things. Can they not think about what would happen afterwards? To the people? To the world? And the does the whole WORLD agree on it? The moon isn’t just America’s. It belongs to all that walk this Earth. Sometimes, it’s obvious why the economy is down, it’s because of stupid missions like this that waste all our money. If something happens, NASA is to blame. Science and technology is good, but sometimes, it just goes too far. Why do people F*** with nature? The moon is beautiful, even if it’s just a rock, it means something to other people, it’s part of culture, and in many deeper ways… I just don’t understand why they would come up with such an idea just to find out if there is water or not… that’s so stupid.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who is giving them the authority to do this…there reasons are not legitimate enough for me to except that and givr them the okay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha ha

  8. Heather says:

    Blow up the moon? Why all of the sudden they have a sudden urge to do so? I think that its pretty retarded for us to blow up something that could really hurt us in the long term. If people think that “children are our futrue so lets f*** it up for them because we’re complete idiots and we beleive if this really works then we can move forward! but if we screw it up then oh well!!”

    Go right ahead! in the end, when this is a success, il be there to say “i told ya so”

  9. Rob says:

    Why the f**k does people keep bringing up the ludacris tidal wave argument? Do people have any idea how much power you would need to knock the moon out of orbit? Get a clue…

  10. nothing2ya says:

    why the f…. nasa wanna blow up the moon
    the moon did nothing to y’all
    watch ya ganna see some strangh thing happen if they do it….it ganna be like the movie called ‘the mist’.
    and its not even f….in funny
    im pissed

  11. Christy says:

    It’s my moon too and I say leave it alone! We already are experiencing more solar dust than we can handle. Can we not use some more advanced technology to find out the answer to water on the moon? We have to Blast it with missles? Really? How do we know that they are not blowing up something else? Give me a break!

  12. i like to eat oreos says:

    ok you people are all MORONS! half the moon is not going to be blown up if that is what you think. and i’m pretty sure NASA knows wat there doing and they thought through there plan. and lastly, IT IS NOT GOING TO MESS UP THE TIDES!!!!!! THEY ARE JUST SENDING A ROCKET THE SIZE OF A STINKING SCHOOL BUS!!!!! THEN THERE SENDING UP ANOTHER ONE TO LOOK ANROUND THAT AREA FOR WATER!!!! i really hate it when people over react to something that no big f***ing deal!

  13. michael says:

    this better not end the world…2012

  14. C. Linden says:

    How can we even conceive such a notion…..have we no pride of ownership??? Oh right…WE DON’T OWN IT!!!!! Does the rest of the world not care if we blow the heavens apart. Does anyone else question the moral, social, ecological, and yes economical, ramifications???? This whole undertaking seems to fly in the face of all that is reasonable.

  15. Dj Jd says:

    they’ve done this before during the apollo missions except it was to measure the seismic activity of the moon . I think it was apollo 12 which left the measuring device and part of apollo 13’s booster rocket made the impact. now they must have the technology to analyse the content of the lunar dust

  16. luke says:

    tat is might not be a good idea.I the debree falls on the Earth the worl might come to an end BAD>

  17. geek says:

    They cannot seriously blow up the moon. I hope that this is just some joke, because if they are serious then they are just a bunch of retards who just want to F the planet.

  18. Jessie says:

    Looking for water for a lunar colony? Sure, sure. Wonder what they were really doing up there…

  19. what says:

    Have you ever read any science book before? What about any websites with actual data or sources? Are you a retarded person?

    The moon is fine. The mission is over pending data results. Have you ever seen the moon? All those dark spots holes from meteors. All NASA did was create one of those. A very small one compared to the many many others.

    People like you are what get in the way of progress. You hear something completely ridiculous and assume that its true. People like you make their kids think creationism is scientific. Also, the moon is not hollow. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Science is based on observations and a method to ensure that a theory has validity. It does not involve you writing a stupid blog about how you read some other blog saying the moon is hollow and NASA is going to blow it up.

    You are in idiot.

  20. omg says:

    omg i no u r rite! teh moon is gone now I looked at the sky yesterday. I’m pretty sure nasa blew it up!!!!111

    wut r we going 2 do???/

  21. dnt fuking blow upp the monn says:

    wtf i swear who ever tuches the moon better leave it alon… wtf r they dong.. the moon is so damm beautifull blow up ur fuking mom or something.. but dnt tuch the moon this is not americas moon and this could be the bigging of world war 3 between other countries… so dnt even tuch the moon.. there is no fuking watterr on there and even if there is who the fuk careesssss????

  22. WWJD says:

    It’s kinda strange how all of these earthquakes and abnormal weather has happended since this little “nudge” they gave the moon huh? Is this something you think God approves of? I think not. He placed the moon and the sun where they are, in tact, for a specific reason. This is just fulfilling profecies. Man will be the cause of earth’s destruction. God knows what’s going to happen next. Thanks NASA for your contribution to the end of man. I’ll see you at the pearly gates…before you get denied entrance -_-

  23. WWJD says:

    haha, I mispelled prophecies lol. I don’t care -_- we’re still doomed.

  24. Carlos says:

    Wtf all u stupid retards r dumd NASA doent have the balls to do this nd they cant do this without our permision pendejos

  25. kandy says:

    this is plan stupid its 2011 and japan had an earth quake and a world pool thats not a normal people those dummy what would happen next

  26. andria says:

    man as gone simple ????

  27. please dont blow up our moon ow the fk will i turn n2 a werewolf without it argggggggggggggg

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