I’m ashamed to admit…

while on vacation recently, I read the whole Twilight series.  Several people I know had read it, and they offered me the books, and I just can’t turn down a free read…what can I say?  It is definitely NOT scifi.  It is teen romance about vampires.  Surprisingly the rest of the series is better than the first book, and I’m not sorry I read them, just kind of ashamed to let anyone know I did.  I also read some crime fiction, and a thriller or two.  (It was a reading vacation for me, so I was going through a book a day and grabbing whatever was handy.)

Anyway, to redeem myself I went to the library yesterday and got Ghost Brigade by Scalzi, and a collaboration between Arthur C. Clark and Frederick Pohl that isn’t currently sitting in front of me so I can’t remember the name.  Once I finish them I’ll post reviews.  Of course, I’m not on vacation anymore, so I”m reading at a much slower pace now :(.


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