Oh, My Head Hurts….

I had every intention of posting up a review of Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom’s novel, The Jesus Incident, since my lovely wife says that I have the honor of any Herbert reviews forthcoming.  Herbert is always worth the re-read (or four), and The Jesus Incident is one I haven’t read that many times.  So there I was all ready to go when not one, but TWO, mind-fraks burst upon me.

First of all, we have the SyFylis channel fiasco.  I doubt that I could even begin to match the trenchant wit found (amongst other places) in the comments at Slashdot or at Topless Robot so I won’t even try.  I do think that the syfylis connection will be the one that sticks, though.  My wife latched onto that even before reading any of the posts already extant, and it does seem to be a fairly common thread.  So many similarities between SFOMs (SciFi Original Movies – and NOT to be confused with SMOFs – lol) and venereal diseases (or wait…..).  Anywhoo, I digress.

While not fully recovered from that utter catastrophe, I latched onto this article published on WSJ outlining the new program advocated by the man that brainstormed the “Star Wars” laser defense program touted by Reagan.  Rather than shooting ICBMs down with high-powered space-based lasers, he now wants to wipe out mosquitos (and by extension malaria).  That’s right, “… if these researchers have their way, the Cold War missile-defense strategy will be reborn as a WMD: Weapon of Mosquito Destruction.”

Weapon of Mosquito Destruction – sounds like something right off the SyFylis Channel.

But that wasn’t enough for these Mansquito killers.  Oh no, “”We’d be delighted if we destabilize the human-mosquito balance of power,” says Jordin Kare.”

The Human-Mosquito Balance of Power?!?!?!?!?!?

Oh my aching head!  We’ll shoot for the Herbert review tomorrow.


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