BSG – 9 down, 1 this-frakkin-better-be-good series finale to go

At least Adama didn’t cry this time.

I think that is the best I can come up with for this episode.  I didn’t get the flashback thing – I mean, the background was nice, it was well-chosen to tell us more about some major characters, blah, blah, blah…but WHY are we looking back right now?  Second to last episode EVER and we’re seeing FLASHBACKS?!  Flashbacks that make NO SENSE?!?!  Lee is chasing a PIGEON!  And something Adama didn’t want to do was so important they had to show it to us, but then NOT TELL WHAT IT WAS?!!!!!!

Ok, I’m calm again.  What I meant to say is that while I appreciated this episode and how it contributed to character development and moved the story along, I am still waiting for it to all come together.  (And to find out what the frak is up with Starbuck.  And the opera house.)  It was nice to see Adama get his act together and take some action though.  We also know why Tyrol wasn’t around in the last episode – he was sitting in the brig.  We know that Hera is still in one piece, for now at least, but her future is looking pretty iffy.  We know Boomer feels bad for her, but of course feelings haven’t really made much difference to Boomer so far.  We know that Anders can still interact with people to some extent since he told Adama where to find Hera.  We (or at least I) always knew Baltar was still scheming for power, but now we know what his latest scheme is.  And we know he is still a coward, since he was staring at Caprica 6 like he wanted to jump over and volunteer for the rescue mission with her, but of course he didn’t.  We know how the showdown with Cavil’s Cylons is going to come about, and I think we know how Galactica herself will meet her end…actually, the more I think about, the more I like this episode.

I’m going back to what I said last week.  The writers have for the most part done a bang-up job to this point, so I’m just going to have to trust them to provide a satisfactory conclusion to one of the best science fiction dramas in the history of television.  I just wish they would get on with it already.


4 Responses to BSG – 9 down, 1 this-frakkin-better-be-good series finale to go

  1. SMD says:

    Actually, we may already know about the Adama thing. It could be a reference to the mission he had on the line between Cylon and Human space, which technically started the war. I doubt it, though. I think it’s something much more mundane, such as commanding the Galactica for ceremonial purposes.

    And I was irritated about the flashbacks too. I mean, they were well done and interesting, but that’s stuff we could have used last season, or, at the very least, earlier this season. But, to be honest, I think this final season should have been largely reserved for flashbacks directly related to all the questions we need answered in the next episode, and these ones, I don’t think, were.

    In fact, I’m a bit concerned how they’re going to end the series and give us the answers we need. I mean, they can leave some minor things hanging, but there are some things they can’t. And right now they’re doing a better job of tacking on subplots than closing them down. I suspect we’ll never fully understand what the strange Roslin/Hera/Six chase thing is all about. But we HAVE to know what happens to Hera, what happens to the human/cylon war, and who Starbuck is. Those are ALL absolutely 100% necessary to the ending. If we don’t get answers to all that, then I suspect fans are going to be absolutely livid…

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  3. truscifi says:

    I’m with you there, although I think the opera house is going to be important in understanding the future of humans and cylons together. I guess we’ll see on Friday.

  4. Top series, I am just about to Get the Final Season Boxset. One hopes that this team does something else together in the future.

    I think I’ll get Caprica too tho they don’t seem to have marketed it for the UK.

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