BSG – 8 down, 2 to go

You know, I don’t really know what to say about this week’s episode.  I enjoyed it, and I felt it did advance the plot, but I don’t know where the writers are going with this.  Cavil has Hera, and even though Boomer got attached to the kid she has still not taken any independent action to protect her, stop Cavil, or follow her own desires.  Is this evidence that Boomer is still just an automaton, programmed for specific tasks the way she was when she shot Adama?  Or is it just evidence that she is spineless and won’t stand up to Cavil?

Caprica 6 and Roslyn are dreaming about the opera house again.  I expected that since Caprica lost the baby, but we still don’t know why Roslyn is able to share visions with Cylons or what the visions are about.  We haven’t even had any new visions to dissect.  I did read an interesting opinion posted in the comments at Show Me Scifi, that Roslyn is able to share the visions because of Baltar injecting her with Hera’s blood a few seasons back when she was dying the first time.  If that is the case, would anyone injected with Cylon blood be able to see Cylon projections and share visions?  And why would just having a bit of their blood change a human’s perception?  Of course, Show Me Scifi thinks everyone is a Cylon, and if he is right then they all have the innate ability to see projections, they just need to uncover it.

And I’m still confused about Starbuck.  Baltar confirmed that she did die, by DNA matching necrotic tissue off her tags to Starbuck, and he said she is not a Cylon, so we can presume he dusted off the old Cylon detector (which I believe did work) and Starbuck came up negative.  But that still leaves us wondering what the frak she is.  She could still be a hybrid – that is my best bet – but could she be something else altogether?  I have heard theories about her being an incarnation of one of the gods of Kobol.  And there is still this master planner out there manipulating things, which may be the One True God.  Could Starbuck be that entity, or an incarnation of it?  Or a creation of it, sent to frak with everybody else’s heads?  Who knows.

At this point, I’m getting mildly irritated with the way the wrap up is dragging on.  On the other hand, they are clearly setting things up for the final episode, and if it is done properly, I am sure I will feel foolish for ever having doubted the brilliance of the writers or their plan.  So here’s hoping they do it right.


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