Lunocet swim fin – swim like a dolphin

I know this has nothing to do with science fiction, or science fact really, but I’m a scuba diver and I think it is just cool.  For anyone out there who has ever tried to keep pace with a sea turtle, shark, ray, or pretty much any other ocean animal and been left in the proverbial dust, I bet you’ll think so too.

The Lunocet is a new monofin modeled after the tail of a dolphin.  It weighs 2.5 lbs and is a 3.5 feet wide, and I can only imagine the challenge of getting to the water with it on – but of course once you’re in the water that won’t matter.  According to the article in Scientific American, swimmers using the Lunocet have hit 8 miles an hour, almost twice as fast as Michael Phelps.  Now, I probably couldn’t go that fast (being small and having a fairly weak kick) but even 5 miles an hour would be a huge – like twice as good – improvement for me.  And having that much more speed and thrust would mean I could safely navigate stronger currents and wider dive areas to get more out of a single tank.  Plus, some of the swimmers have come close to breaching like whales do – how cool would that be?!?


2 Responses to Lunocet swim fin – swim like a dolphin

  1. Gilgamesh says:

    In NZ Weta (Lord of the Rings) Workshop made a mermaid prosthetic for a legless woman…


  2. truscifi says:

    Just got around to checking out that link – that is amazing! It is wonderful they were able to help her, and that she now has a place she can feel not just normal, but better than normal. And of course, any project that improves our overall ability to interact with the oceans is absolutely worthwhile.

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