BSG – 7 down, 3 to go

And back on track!  While this week did not provide the answers many of us were hoping for, it did move the show forward instead of just wallowing in drama/melodrama like last week.  We still don’t know exactly what Starbuck is, but her father – who disappeared when she was a child – taught her to play the song that the Five recognize from Earth, the one that woke four of them up.  All Along the Watchtower was the name I think.  I know Hera wrote the notes for her (and I thought it was very interesting that Ellen’s answer for that was that something is manipulating all of them, presumably the One True God who Ellen also believes set up the show at the Temple of the Five)  but Starbuck already knew the song and just needed help remembering.  And Starbuck now has a head character in the form of nameless piano player/pseudodad.  Personally, I think this supports the theory that she is a human/cylon hybrid, child of one of the Five (I really hope not Anders…talk about gross) or of #7 Daniel.

Now, about Boomer.  That conniving frakking toaster should be shot on sight!  She betrayed Tyrol AGAIN, this time after seducing him into a fantasy of a normal life with the house and kid and everything.  Then she beat the crap out of Athena, tied her up in a closet, and frakked Helo in front of her!  THEN she kidnapped Hera, drugged her, stuffed her in a storage crate, and jumped away with her! Not to mention that she destroyed a hunk of Galactica in the process!  Any one would be worth a bullet in the head, but all three?  Being shot on sight is probably too kind.

Also, while I agree that Cavil/John must have set all this up from the start, why does he want Hera?  He doesn’t want to be humanized.  He wants an all machine Cylon nation with him in charge.  Hera represents the hope for a biological future, a true blend of cylon and human – exactly what he has been railing against.  Has the loss of the resurrection hub changed his mind?  Doubtful.  My guess is he thinks he can use Hera, though I have no idea to what purpose.

So the mystery continues, and once again I am left in agony, waiting for next week to arrive.


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