A Whopper


Seriously, that thing is huge.  Per this story, it is a 771lb pregnant freshwater stingray found in the Maekong River in Thailand by a British biologist.  I think I’ve mentioned my theory about alien species living in the oceans before…well, they’re getting closer to land.  And bigger.  And this one looks righteously pissed.

And thanks to Mulluane from The Old Bat’s Belfry (via Twitter)  and to Enter The Octopus for pointing this monster out.


3 Responses to A Whopper

  1. Matt says:

    I saw this, just crazy isn’t it? Check out the look in its eye.

    Keep smiling, dude at the tail end. Keep smiling.

  2. fallen angel says:

    What is your problem! in the name of science you people are cruel! She’s pregnant! for GODS sake!! Learn to leave nature alone educated morans!

  3. truscifi says:

    @ fallen angel – While I appreciate your opinion, I do not appreciate your language, so I edited it out. This is a family friendly blog. Also, you misspelled morons.


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