Martian Winds, They Are A-Blowin’

And NASA loves ’em.  According to this article from NASA’s site, the Martian wind very courteously (ok, I don’t know if it was actually courteous, but it sounds good) blew the accumulated dust off the solar panels of the Mars Rover Spirit, leading to an increase in energy supply.  This means the old girl has more juice for puttering around Mars exploring.  Honestly, I’m just amazed she is still moving at all, much less doing so at a faster pace now.  I guess NASA did it right on the Rovers.


One Response to Martian Winds, They Are A-Blowin’

  1. Aaron says:

    How an atmosphere about 1/100th as dense as earth’s can support a ‘blowing wind’, I’m not sure. But if the removing of the dust is prolonging the life of the rover, it’s all to the good.

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