BSG – 5 down, 5 to go

Another good episode this week.  It was not as intense as last week since no one shot or got shot at and I wasn’t worried about anyone dying, but it had a quiet drama that made me really pay attention.  The  scene with Ellen showing up on Cavil’s base ship and Cavil knowing all about her was just crazy.  When I stop to consider all the things he did, knowing that he knew who the Final 5 were while he did them (torturing Tigh, counseling Tyrol, and screwing Ellen while manipulating her into betraying Tigh are among the worst), I can only conclude his is the ultimate teenage rebellion gone bad story.  I mean, he did all this – and don’t forget he was the one who deprived them of their memories in the first place, positioning them in just the right places for him to manipulate and torment them – just to get back at his parents?!?!?  And I think when the other models find out he knew about the Final 5 the whole time, he might be in a bit of trouble.

The scenes with Anders telling the others what he remembers about their past were riveting.  Sadly, we did not find out why they came to Earth or where they can find a new home.  We did find out about #7, which has been bugging me since last season.  But apparently even the 5 don’t know what is up with Starbuck resurrecting.  Is she Cylon?  Is she something altogether new?  Is she a mutant human who is able to resurrect?  With only 5 episodes to go, I’m starting to worry that not all of my questions will be answered.


2 Responses to BSG – 5 down, 5 to go

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