Those Darn Russians…

and their out of control satellites.  According to this article on Yahoo News, NASA says they are to blame for the satellite crash in orbit yesterday.  That’s right, two satellites – each over 1,000 lbs – crashed into each other in orbit, creating two massive clouds of debris with some pretty big chunks in them.  One was a commercial satellite that had been doing its thing since 1997.  The other was a defunct Russki from 1993 that apparently drifted out of its normal orbit.

An orbital debris scientist (we have enough space junk to warrant scientists specializing in studying it now) said it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, and it will most assuredly happen again.  Right now the debris field is not likely to threaten the International Space Station or any planned shuttle launch.

But how long until the debris field runs into other satellites, and causes more crashes?  How long until we have to send a big bulldozer up their to start shovelling this crap further out into space?  Or maybe we should leave it as a deterrent to alien species – I mean, who wants to navigate that kind of minefield just to talk to us?


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