Don’t Bite the Sun – Tanith Lee

I read this book a while back and really enjoyed it.  I just found it on my shelf again, and on rereading decided it is not only enjoyable, but has some deeper social commentary as well.  It has some nifty technology in it, too.

The story is set in a far distant future where all of society is contained in four very large domes run by robots, and the outside world, though habitable, is ignored.  Individuals living in the domes have no real responsibilities as everything is run by robots whose sole purpose is to care for humans.  They also have the technology to put anyone in any body they wish, and even to recover their minds/spirits/personalities when they die, so that no one is ever lost.  Sounds great, right?  Wrong.  The people living there are mind-numbingly bored.  They do crazy stunts, have 5 minute long relationships, even kill themselves for something new to do or experience.  They lack any purpose or meaningful task, and it gradually drives them crazy.  It is a quintessential dystopian society disguised in a pretty package.

Eventually one of the characters rebels against this meaningless existence, and in a rash act manages to kill another person.  The other is of course saved by the technology present in all the domes and is just reborn, but such violence is unheard of in that society.  The killer gets exiled and discovers a real purpose outside the domes, threatening the status quo.

There is a sequel as well, Drinking Sapphire Wine.  I’ll let you know when I get around to reading it.



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