BSG – 4 down, 6 to go

Wow.  Frakkin’ wow.  (Warning – this is a rabbit trail post, and there are plenty of spoilers if you didn’t watch the latest episode.  My mind is reeling, I just finished watching Galactica and walked straight to the computer.  So I’m doing a very slightly organized stream of consciousness thing here.)

I wonder what the new count of humans remaining alive will be.  I’m surprised how few people actually died in this episode considering all the shooting.  The Quorum, of course.  No doubt now about Zarek’s true colors.  Maybe Sam, although it’s hard to tell.  And if he does die, will he be reborn (rebooted?) on Earth?  Apparently there is a resurrection facility of some kind there because in the trailer for next week, Ellen pops up again.  And she ‘knows the truth’.  I wonder which truth that might be.  And what will she think about Tigh having a baby with Caprica 6?  She really did seem to love him.  She just had a screwed up way of showing it.  Zarek and Gaeta looked pretty definitely dead there at the end, too.  I was glad Gaeta made the choice he did at the end.  I knew he would after Zarek had the Quorum killed.  And now that Roslin is back in the game and the Quorum is wiped out, what is the fleet going to do about a government?  It would be terrible, but not altogether surprising, if they ‘delayed’ electing a new Quorum so Roslin and Adama could get the Cylon FTLs installed.  And then, who knows?  Maybe they won’t need a Quorum at all.  Those pesky bureaucrats just get in the way anyway.  Ooh, I almost forgot about Starbuck coming back from the dead on Earth.  If she is actually human, does that mean that all the humans killed in the mutiny could potentially come back as well?  Her being a regular old human is a pretty big if, though.

Yep, that’s all I’ve got for right now.  As always, I can’t wait ’til next week!


3 Responses to BSG – 4 down, 6 to go

  1. Geordi Calrissian says:

    Don’t forget that Ellen died on New Caprica. Were resurrection facilities nearby? When she resurrected, did she realize that she was one of the final five then? This week was awesome. I think next week will be filled with a lot of “No way!”s and “You gotta be xxxxxin me?!”s

  2. Ide Cyan says:

    There were definitely resurrection facilities on or near New Caprica. The Six who killed Barolay was avenging herself for Barolay having killed her during the occupation, and Kara killed Leoben many, many times while he was holding her prisoner there.

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