The Wonderful World of Cloning

You can now have your most beloved pets cloned so they can be with you always.  Of course, it costs about $150,000 but, you know, it’s a special dog…Thanks to Science Fiction Brewed Fresh for pointing out this article from CNN.  And for pointing out that it is really a ridiculous thing to spend so much money on.  I mean, I’m all about cloning, and the future of technology, andthe Singularity, and so on, but these people could have funded a homeless shelter for 6 months with the amount of money they spent on cloning their dog.  And now that is one more spot in their household that won’t be available for a homeless puppy.  Think these things through, people!


2 Responses to The Wonderful World of Cloning

  1. Cindy says:

    If only I knew three years ago for the price of a small home I could have had Simba cloned. Just kidding. I probably could buy a similar Samoyed much cheaper. That is a bit insane!

  2. ionji says:

    i like your post when i first time read your blog

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