BSG – 3 down, 8 to go

Is Adama dead?!?!?!  (And Tigh)  That is, of course, the question everyone was left with after last night’s episode of Galactica.  We all knew he wouldn’t leave his ship, but I like the way they did it, having him make his stand defending Roslin’s shuttle as she leaves the ship.

There are other pertinent questions too.  I assume Roslin was headed for the base ship, since I can’t think of any other place that would be safe for her.  And Baltar is along for the ride, to what purpose I can’t possibly guess right now beyond the obvious just trying to get off Galactica.  (Something self serving probably.)  What will their next move be?  Will the Cylons attack Galactica under Roslin’s command?  And what will happen to the prisoners on Galactica?  The Cylons won’t sit still for any of their Five being slaughtered, not to mention the pregnant Caprica 6, Athena, and Hera.  (I don’t think they really care about Helo.)  And what is Tyrol doing?  Is he going to be leading Baltar’s followers while Baltar is on the bay ship?  Will Baltar still have followers when (if) he returns?

That’s just what I came up with off the top of my head.  After I read everyone else’s posts I bet I’ll have more questions, and probably fewer answers.

Take note Atlantis – THIS is the way a show should go out!


2 Responses to BSG – 3 down, 8 to go

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  2. normdoering says:

    “Is Adama dead?!”


    He was alive in the previews for the next show. They were threatening to blow him out an airlock. I suspect he’ll live through that too.

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