Free Fiction

Ok, so it’s not science fiction.  But anytime an author shares their work with the public just to share, it is worth a mention.  This book is a horror novella by Brian Knight called Heart of a Monster.  Mr. Knight is apparently sharing some of his previously published works with the general population for free at his website  Right now this is the only work available for free, but he indicates others will follow.  I haven’t read it yet (I’m still working my way through Chirstmas books), but I checked out some reviews that indicated it is worth the time to read it.  Thanks to The Undead Rat for showing the way to this find.


One Response to Free Fiction

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey I agree, we all need an outlet. If you like fantasy and suspense rolled into one try Andrew P. Wrights new one called ” The Flame of Heaven”.

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