Where is the Doctor?

What happened to Doctor Who

Apparently, it was a casualty in the dustup between BBC and the Sci Fi Channel.

According to the official site http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/Doctor Who is putting out a Christmas special this year, and plans 4 more specials throughout the year in 2009.  The series will return in 2010.  But will we see it here in America?  The answer is no, at least for the Christmas special.  SciFi is not airing it, and in fact has not mentioned that it exists, as far as I can tell from looking on their site http://www.scifi.com/doctorwho/.  It remains to be seen whther they will air the other specials in 2009, or even the new season in 2010 (which, by the way, will have a new actor playing the Doctor – David Tennant is done after 2009).

Perhaps those with truly excessive amounts of cable channels will be able to watch it on BBC, or the British may take pity on us and show it on BBC America.  I hope so, as it is one of my favorite science fiction shows EVER.  Yes, the science is murky at best and often (almost always) explained away as advanced alien technology, but it is based on science all the same.  And the acting is great, the writing snappy, and it has that quirky British sense of humor that I am a fan of.  (Check out the moving Saving Grace for another of my favorite British comedies).  What else could a person hope for in sci fi television?

So I will continue to look for the blue police box, and hope the SciFi Channel removes it’s head from whereever it has stuck it and brings back the Doctor!


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