Science, but not Fiction

Here is another one that is not fiction.  It sounds like it is, but no, really, it’s true.  Scientists are learning how to map what a person is actually seeing in their head, and get a computer constructed image of it.  Japanese scientists have developed this new brain analysis technology and hope it will be able to help in the treatment of psychiatric disorders that involve hallucinations, and to help artists produce images from their minds more quickly and accurately, among other things.  One thing they don’t mention but would be a good application is using the technology to get pictures of criminals from the victims’ memories of them.  That would be hard to argue with in court.

I have to say it is more than a little creepy, though, when taken to its logical extreme of scientists employed by the government, law enforcement, even big corporations, being able to literally read our minds with a simple brain scan.  Hmmm, I think there have been some books about that.

Check out the original article at

and the blog where I found it at


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