Stargate Atlantis – sorry to see you go

I had not intended to venture into visual media until this blog was a little more established, and I still plan to focus primarily on science fiction novels since I feel they are largely underappreciated, but the upcoming end of Atlantis has changed my mind.  I was skeptical about Atlantis at first, uncertain whether a Stargate spin-off could live up to the standard set by the original, especially with Torri Higginson’s Weir leading the team.  However, over time both Weir and the entire Atlantis team grew on me, and I was sad to see her go in season 4.  Now I’ve even managed to get attached to Richard Woolsey, who has developed into a surprisingly human character despite his origins as a bureacratic pencil pusher (not all that surprising, I guess, considering Robert Picardo managed to make a hologram seem human in Star Trek: Voyager).  All in all, I will miss Atlantis and its crew and I am indeed sorry to see it go.

Incidentally, a new Stargate series called Stargate: Universe is in the works and will apparently be set in another distant galaxy on an Ancient ship sent out to seed a new galaxy with stargates in the time before the Ancients ascended.  I will give this one a try, although I am again skeptical.  Of course, most sci fi shows (and most shows in general) aren’t that great in their first season, so I hope the masses (and network execs) won’t jump to judgement if it starts off a little rough.  I mean, even Star Trek: TNG was bad its first season.  Anyway, here is the wiki article on Universe.  Check it out for yourself.


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