Planetary Society – a plan for humans to head for space

This is actually not fiction.  Seriously.  It’s a group of space-minded techie type people who have developed a plan for how they think we as a race should progress with space exploration.  They also keep up with scientific advances and pretty much anything else relating to space exploration.  I have just started exploring their site, and from the looks of it, it is going to take a while.  One thing I found already is that apparently Google is sponsoring a Lunar X Prize competition, similar to the automotive x prize that has gotten so much press since the gas crunch.  Google and the X Prize Foundation are offering a huge prize ($30 million) to the first group able to build a privately funded robotic rover and land it on the moon.  Wow.  Again, not fiction.  Next time I find something really cool on it, I’ll share with the class.  In the meantime, go check it out for yourselves and let me know here if you find anything cool.


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