It has been pointed out that my about page doesn’t actually say much about me, and that I should rectify that unfortunate lapse.  So here we go.

I am a mom and a wife, and before I decided to stay home and try to get better at both of those jobs, I was in the social work field.  I have done various social work jobs over the past 10 years (wow, has it really been that long?) including working with kids, mentally ill adults, delinquents, and law enforcement relating to child abuse.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, which I don’t use at all, and a minor in art, which I use very rarely.  I love food, especially spicy foods and new dishes.  I recently embarked on a bread-making adventure, and have successfully made 2 loaves of homemade French bread (I was relatively successful anyway).  I have a fairly large family, and an even larger “extended family” of people who I am not actual related to by blood but claim as family by choice.  Many of them share my interest in science fiction and I hope will visit my blog.  Also, as you may have noticed, I like to insert comments and expand on previous statements by using parentheses (I know some people find it distracting, but I like it and it’s my blog, so deal).

That should do, at least for now.  😉


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