A Little TOO Hardcore

Now, many people accuse me of taking a narrow view of what is really science fiction.  Most of them think anything outside of the traditional fiction category somehow can be called scifi.  I hate that.  It truly annoys me for people to talk about magic and dwarves and gods come to whatever realm the book is set in as scifi, because the sci stands for SCIENCE.  That implies that somewhere behind the crazy abilities or wild happenings there must be an explanation that does not include divine intervention or “magic”.

With that said, I just found a blog that I think defines the genre a little too strictly.  Geordi Calrissian does specifically state that he is talking about hard-core scifi, so I guess I can give him a little leeway, but still, to limit it to technology that is capable of being built with what we have today?  That severely limits the fiction — you know, what the fi in scifi stands for.

I will, however, take advantage of the booklist he provides.  I have read a couple of the books on his list of hard-core scifi, and if the others are as good I should be very pleased with them.  Check out his list and his opinions at



2 Responses to A Little TOO Hardcore

  1. geordicalrissian says:

    Re-reading that entry does make me sound “snobby” 🙂

    But I tend to lose interest if things get magical, when I’m expecting “real life”. If I want magic, I can sit down with Potter and company. But, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So who’s to say one being’s science is not another’s magic…

    Hope you enjoy the list.

  2. bob says:

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